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June 15th to September 15th can be very, very windy and rough - monsoon season. Raja Ampat - Best time to Dive. Water temperatures are a consistent 80F~86F degrees year round and visibility generally ranges between 30 to well over 70 feet. Best Time to Visit Raja Ampat. It’s pretty much bang on the equator with average highs of 31 Celsius and lows of 25. Whether you’re looking to dive with pelagics or critters Raja Ampat will deliver. It's also considered part of the Coral Triangle which contains the richest marine biodiversity on Earth. It is possible to dive Raja Ampat year round. There is really no best time for being underwater in Raja Ampat. How to Get There - How to Dive Derawan Islands - Best Time to Dive. The best time to visit Raja Ampat is between October and April, with the best conditions towards the end of the year. During these months, the visibility is at its best and the ocean is generally calm. The winds come from June to September, meaning more challenging boat journeys and diving conditions. Raja Ampat dive sites are all about diversity and abundance. Find a Liveaboard ... which makes this area ranks second only to the Raja Ampat Islands in West Papua. The weather is sunny all year with some rainy days. As the number of divers coming to this remote area is very small, there is no “high season”. The best time to dive Raja Ampat. Best Time to Dive in Raja Ampat While the tropical climate here does mean that there can be showers all year-round, the best time to dive in Raja Ampat is from the end of September until the end of April thanks to the calmer seas. Temperatures remain constant in Raja Ampat all year round. However the months of October to April are generally more favourable since the seas are calmer and there is a lot less rain. Best Time to Dive Raja Ampat, Indonesia. Although you can visit Raja Ampat any time of year, the best time for Raja Ampat diving is between October and April. That is absolutely true. The climate is tropical with hot and humid air. Water temperature of Raja Ampat is warm with on underwater ranging from 28-30 C / 82-86 F depending on the dive site and it’s true year round. NEW! When To Visit Raja Ampat. At the tip of the pinnacle in Blue Magic, you will usually find them swimming against the current and they might stay with you for the whole dive! This is when the winds are the smallest, and the ocean is the calmest. Diving in Raja Ampat is excellent all year round. Best time to dive in Raja Ampat . The Nature Conservancy and a team of international experts found more than 870 species of fish here, ranging from tiny pygmy seahorses to giant manta rays. While majority of vessels offer trips throughout the year, the best time to dive is October or November. Located to the northwest of the New Guinea island of Indonesia, the Raja Ampat archipelago is comprised of over 1,500 small, beautiful and isolated islands. There is no best time to dive Raja Ampat to ensure good visibility. Its beauty, diversity and abundant marine life is what makes a Raja Ampat liveaboard trip the ultimate dream of any diver. Best Spots to Dive with Sharks in Raja Ampat Grey reef, black tip and white tip sharks love current! October to April is considered the best diving season - where you'll find less rain and better visibility. Over 1,200 fish species - a world record 284 on 1 single dive at Kofiau Island, the benchmark figure for an excellent dive site of 200 fish species surpassed on 51% of Raja Ampat dives (another world record), 600 coral species (a remarkable 97% of all scleratinia recorded from Indonesia are likely to occur in these islands), 699 mollusc species - again another world high. June and July are the wettest months, but in tropical paradise you get used to seeing storm clouds most days.

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