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When Eloise checks in on her friend to see how she's faring after Whistledown's column about Marina, Penelope briefly answers her before leaping into questions about Colin's reaction. Though Penelope may be naive and have a tendency to fade into the background, especially during the balls where women are being plucked and ushered toward the dance floor, she's extremely well-positioned to collect information about those around her and publish it when no one's watching. It turns out that Penelope Featherington was Lady Whistledown all along. However, no one seems more frustrated by her behavior than her youngest daughter, Penelope. Now if you don’t mind me I’m off to rewatch Bridgerton to hunt for more clues. So when Eloise comes knocking on her door later that evening with an update on her search for Whistledown, she isn't in the mood to make small talk. Keep reading to see the subtle hints "Bridgerton" writers dropped along the way. Is he in pieces from the news?". Lady Whistledown’s popular papers are the only taste of attention that Penelope ever gets. Penelope is the perfect Lady Whistledown. Other clues also include very basic facts such as Penelope being at social events covered in Lady Whistledown’s column and always trying to change the subject when Eloise brought up her quest to uncover her. … QUIZ: Which crewmate from Below Deck Mediterranean are you? From the series' opening moments, Penelope disagrees with her mother's views on everything from marriage to her treatment of her cousin Marina, so it's a tip-off that Whistledown consistently paints such a negative picture of Portia. The story behind the ‘Waking up in the morning’ TikTok audio is actually kinda sad. Her sobs may have been partially due to sadness of Colin's feelings for Marina, but it's more likely that she feels guilty for sharing her cousin's secret. Portia Featherington has … ", Penelope runs into Eloise at the Hastings Ball in the season finale. However, Penelope doesn't even let Eloise explain her theory. She's exposed to all the intricacies of the town's social life, especially when her family becomes embroiled in some of the scandals. Warning: There are major spoilers for season one of "Bridgerton" ahead. Just 23 memes about RHOSLC’s Jen Shah getting arrested for fraud, Britney ‘cried for two weeks’ after watching parts of the Framing Britney Spears doc, Shocked by Seaspiracy on Netflix? The reason Whistledown doesn't mention the event could be because Penelope and her family were uninvited shortly after arriving, so it may be a snipe at Charlotte for embarrassing them. Lady Violet Bridgerton spreads the news about Berbrooke's scandalous past to prevent his engagement to her daughter, Daphne Bridgerton. In an interview with Town & Country, Nicola said she would tell the director she couldn’t stand in certain positions because she needed to be visible to see certain events she wrote about in her column. For all the latest Netflix news, drops and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. The man the series finale of Bridgerton is dedicated to, There was a rape scene in Bridgerton and no one seems to have realised, Regé-Jean Page will not feature in season two of Bridgerton, Netflix announces, So it turns out your Netflix addiction is actually pretty bad for the environment, This is what your Easter chocolate of choice says about your general vibe, Chocolate Wotsits to Dove Island: The lamest attempts at April Fools’ Day 2021, Gotcha! “Lady Whistledown has gone too far this time,” Eloise tells Penelope about their entangled family drama. While introducing Portia's daughters, Whistledown says, "Three misses, foisted upon the marriage market like sorrowful sows by their tasteless, tactless mama.". Ranked: Who was officially the worst boyfriend in teen TV history? Near the end of the show she suspects it is Madame Delacroix. While Penelope is sweet and innocent, it is revealed that she has a snarky and witty side. Either way, the fact that Whistledown doesn't write about the luncheon, which was a major society event, hints at the Queen's strained relationship with the Featherington family. At 33, Coughlan now finds herself somewhere between Penelope and Lady Whistledown. Colin jokes about the fact that the host, an infant that Lady Trowbridge gave birth to before her husband died, was throwing a tantrum. Microsoft and partners may be compensated if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. “[Penelope’s] a fascinating character, because she’s a million different things. However at the end of the series Lady Whistledown is revealed to the audience as Penelope Featherington played by the incredible Nicola Coughlan. •Ok so Daphne’s mum in real life is actually Sally from Corrie and my mind is blown, •Who was Brian Nickels? In the very first Lady Whistledown pronouncement, she describes Portia Featherington as "tasteless and tactless." Speaking with Variety , Nicola revealed just how she found out Penelope was Whistledown … Who is Ollie Ball and why is everyone on TikTok obsessed with him rn. "She knows nothing," Portia says of the writer. It turns out Nicola Coughlan had an input in dropping clues for Lady Whistledown’s identity. Stop here if you don't want to discover the true identity of Lady Whistledown. But more than just knowing the content of Lady Whistledown's missives, Penelope has the skill and talent necessary to write and print these pamphlets. Or perhaps Penelope doesn't mention the gathering in Whistledown's paper because she wasn't there to observe what happened. Queen Charlotte is curious about Whistledown's identity from her first column, finding amusement in the latest gossip floating around London's upper ranks. A truly shocking reveal for some but for the true detectives and book lovers confirming what we already knew. Below Deck: Who is Chef Ben and where is he now? Personally, I cannot keep a secret from my friends. Van Dusen promises that if you rewatch the first season as a viewer who now knows what Penelope is really up to, you’ll notice little easter eggs confirming her Lady Whistledown identity early on. Below Deck: What happened to deckhand Danny Zureikat after the show? The Featherington family members consistently wear loud colors in hues of yellows and greens. Not only does Penelope smirk when Lady Cowper tells Portia that Whistledown reports "nothing but the truth" in episode one, but the youngest Featherington seems to use the column as an opportunity to back out of her debut. She even vocalizes her desire to push back her debut in society to continue her studies early in the season. Lady Whistledown and Penelope have a lot in common. This, of course, is the dead giveaway. Colin looks surprised by her comment, calling her a "barb." Not only does that mean Whistledown is someone close enough to Marina and Colin to know this top-secret information, but it also means she doesn't want to bring shame to Colin or the other Bridgertons. While it may come off as Penelope vocalizing her nerves in the moment, the short interaction is a clue that Penelope wrote the Whistledown column to get out of her social obligations. As Eloise prepares to share her findings with the Queen, Penelope tells her to "go before you miss your chance.". She raves about the mysterious writer to Penelope, who merely smiles and humors her longtime friend, and suggests that they try to meet her. Whistledown gives a brief rundown of the main players at the beginning of episode one, including a scathing description of Lady Portia Featherington. Lady Whistledown is really Penelope Featherington, who is played by Nicola Coughlan. In retrospect, Penelope not only reacts this way because she's upset, but also because she knows Eloise hasn't unmasked Whistledown's true identity. "It's lucky the lady produced an heir before the old earl croaked, eh?" Penelope is heartbroken and seeks comfort in Eloise, which seems like a result of her sadness in the moment. "I think sometimes of Lady Whistledown as Penelope's sort of drag alter ego," Coughlan told Vanity Fair. The reveal in Whistledown’s column ended the engagement of Colin and Marina, which in itself should be enough of a clue that it was Penelope writing the column. One of these scenes included the first scene in which Daphne and Simon meet, and Penelope is seen in the corner of the scene watching on. And Whistledown seems to egg her on. Even though Whistledown reveals Marina's secret in her papers, she makes a point to say that her intended, Colin, isn't the father. And then Penelope gives off that great knowing sly smile. Eloise idolizes Whistledown, viewing her as an independent, fearless woman rebelling against society. Lady Whistledown is both the most powerful and most elusive member of society on season one of Netflix's "Bridgerton.". But after the writer declines to give coverage to the royal's society luncheon, Charlotte becomes determined to silence her. In episode eight she discovers a plot by the Queen to uncover the identity of Lady Whistledown and expose her. My mother sweasrs we are ruined," Penelope says. More than anything, she's a young woman thrust into the marriage market before she's ready. The 34-year-old actress, who plays Penelope Featherington and—spoiler alert—Lady Whistledown, took to Twitter on Saturday, Feb. 20 to share a fun fact about her first scene. That's right. As the black sheep of the Featheringtons, Penelope needed to pursue another way of receiving validation for her intelligent mind lurking within; that was accomplished by establishing her Lady Whistledown persona. We learn in the final moments of season one that Lady Whistledown is none other than the sweet, supportive Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan).According to Coughlan, she … When she's not attending balls or being sheparded in front of suitors by her mother, Penelope often appears on-screen with her nose in a book. Penelope is in love with Colin and tries her utmost hardest throughout the series to get Marina to change her mind about marrying Colin. The quirky period drama has proved to be Netflix's most popular show to date and confirmed that it would be returning for a second season last month. This is your last spoiler warning. Looking startled as she waits for the answer, Penelope asks, "Who is she? Bridgerton is out now on Netflix. For those who have read the books/watched the first season, you know the quill hints at Penelope Featherington’s true identity as one Lady Whistledown. Firstly the hint is her in name, Penelope’s nickname is literally Pen aka writing aka Lady Whistledown. Um, so people are now deep frying water and I just wanna know why? BRIDGERTON star Nicola Coughlan left fans reeling after revealing a sneaky nod to Lady Whistledown in the show's very first episode. Though anyone at the ball could sense that Marina made quite an impression on the town's suitors, Penelope is fully exposed to her mother's reaction and may have used the column to poke and prod her. Warning: Spoilers for Bridgerton Season 1 to follow.After a social season made all the more interesting by Lady Whistledown's juicy gossip and scandalous revelations, Bridgerton revealed the notorious scribbler is none other than Penelope Featherington. Vote: What is the most useless secondary school subject? And Lady Whistledown is responsible for some of the dramatic bombshells in the show such as the announcement of Marina’s pregnancy. Yours truly, Lady Whistledown," she says while finally lowering her hood to reveal Penelope, wearing a sly grin. But do you not think the boy bares a passing resemblance to Lady Trowbridge's footman?". Eloise confirms that she saved the modiste, who she believed to be the writer, and Penelope seems pleased. Who is Ali Tabrizi? So when she does encourage Eloise to go, it raises questions about her true motivations. Lady Whistledown turns out to be none other than Penelope Featherington. The man the series finale of Bridgerton is dedicated to, •There was a rape scene in Bridgerton and no one seems to have realised. Pen smiles faintly and says, “And I thought you her greatest admirer.” (Claudia Willen), Americans With Credit Card Debt Could Be In for a Big Surprise, Price Alert: These SUVs Are Now Only $19,000 (Deal Of The Day), The card so lucrative, our expert signed up personally, Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. As soon as her mother breaches the topic, Penelope hops up to propose that she push off her debut, telling her: "I should gladly sit this season out.". Because while the anonymous gossip columnist (voiced by Julie Andrews) seems to know everything about Regency era London's high society, no one knows a single thing about her. There is nothing left to enjoy in this world, Sadly, Ollie Ball is not a fresher at your uni next year and Bridgerton is not back next week, Harry Styles, Ariana and Little Mix headlining? And while the moment was just another witty exchange at one of the many balls in season one of "Bridgerton," it proves that Penelope is dialed into the town's gossip. But just who is responsible for the know it all newsletter that circulates the ton? Latest COVID-19 updates, Amazon apologizes, says 'peeing in bottles thing' is actually a thing for its drivers. Her identity is finally revealed in the season one finale, but there were clues about who was behind the articles in earlier episodes. The 27-year-old filmmaker behind Seaspiracy on Netflix. She continues: "But what of Colin? "It follows that Lady Featherington is to receive what she has always desired: the season's true incomparable living under her own roof," Whistledown writes, adding, "She must be overjoyed.". The final moments of Bridgerton Season one reveal all - not only do we get a glimpse of Lady Whistledown’s identity, but we also get to see her whole face as she seals off the final newsletter of the season. It was dark when Whistledown approached the printing press in episode eight, but the carriagemen are wearing yellow pants and green jackets — making it look like they work for the Featherington family. I think that’s a little bit iconic, The Prime Minister is keen to keep his promise to do ‘everything we can to make it up to you’, A lot’s changed since she got booted off the show for possessing Valium and a CBD vape, So glad I spent all that time learning to play the recorder, I need a six-part Netflix series on this asap, The singer has finally responded to the blockbuster documentary, Would honestly be happy with half of what they have, The comments are anything but sympathetic, ‘It’s time for us to evolve. Watch these nine eye-opening documentaries next, Ranked: These are the richest Love Islanders of all time, Olivia Jade posts TikTok about being ‘publicly shamed’ after college admissions scandal, These are the rules for a white boy summer, according to Chet Hanks, Kids growing up with Lil Nas X are so lucky, in my day all we had were these 16 memes. Maybe it's because she's in love with him, but it could also be because she holds power to change the public's perception of her family in the future. But at the very end of Season 1, it was revealed that Penelope really was Lady Whistledown all along. Portia certainly has a reputation around town, so the opening line could've been written by a number of people. Despite the fact that Penelope and her sisters may be "ruined," her first thought is Colin. Portia claims that Whistledown "erroneously" wrote that she'd only have three women under her care for the season — Prudence Featherington, Philipa Featherington, and Marina Thompson — leaving out Penelope. Though, you must know, dear reader, that decision shall be left entirely up to me. There’s no Duke, so honestly what is even the point?! She races to the printers to warn the writer and we are missed of the opportunity to get a true confirmation of Whistledown’s identity. But when Whistledown publishes a column about Marina's pregnancy the following morning and effectively destroys the engagement, Penelope's reaction can be interpreted quite differently. Violet's housekeeper, who's also in on the plan, shares the story with Mrs. Varley. Their help seems to don the same color scheme. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Michigan's case spike could repeat across US; Italy enters Easter lockdown; Florida bans vaccine passports. As Madame Genevieve Delacroix later points out to Eloise in episode seven, everyone in town was at the concert except for the Featheringtons. Yours truly, Lady Whistledown.”. She is seen in a carriage with a cloak over her head and the Julie Andrews voice over says: “Perhaps I will come forward one day. Below Deck: Where is Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier now? Penelope pushes Eloise to share her new theory that Whistledown is a tradesperson with the Queen at that evening's concert, perhaps as a way of leading the royal down the wrong track. And what clues did you completely miss out on during the eight episodes for her identity? he asks Penelope. "Because of her, Colin, no one believes you are the father of Miss Thompson's child," Anthony Bridgerton tells his brother of Whistledown. The night before the announcement of Marina’s pregnancy we see Penelope in tears with Eloise and then boom the next day it’s all over the ton. What are your thoughts about Penelope keeping her identity as Lady Whistledown a secret from Eloise? Firstly the hint is her in name, Penelope’s nickname is literally Pen aka writing aka Lady Whistledown. Penelope is devastated after hearing that her cousin Marina plans to marry Colin. This website will create a 2021 festival lineup using your most listened to artists on Spotify, Boris Johnson to lead ‘clap for students’ in place of tuition fee refunds, Bridgerton season two will be released on Netflix NEXT WEEK. Penelope is engaged in an even more complicated ruse, one … The Featheringtons' housekeeper likely brings the gossip home to her employer, because Whistledown publishes a column exposing Berbrooke the very next day. "Lady Whistledown's identity is quite protected," Penelope says, brushing off the plan and telling Eloise that her social calendar is too busy to help her hunt. "We shall talk.". She then darts off, presumably out of the party, and isn't seen again at the event. The column protects her bestfriend, Eloise, from having a tainted reputation and the man she loves, Colin, from being accused of something he never did. Bridgerton fans were left clutching their pearls when it was revealed that Nicola Coughlan’s character Penelope Featherington is the one and only Lady Whistledown. Keep reading to see the clues you might have missed. Her sharp … Another big clue is the reveal of Miss Thompson’s pregnancy and plot to marry Colin. "We shall do what women do," Violet tells Daphne. Aside from going back and rewatching the whole series, which isn’t a bad idea, there are a number of clues that suggested Penelope was Lady Whistledown long before the reveal. ", When Eloise tells her that Genevieve is the writer, Penelope doesn't follow up with any questions, but instead tells her she's "happy you found her. Instead, she calls Whistledown "some silly writer" and tells Eloise that she doesn't care who she is. While this detail doesn't uncover her as Whistledown, the person behind the column is likely well-read and educated. Penelope asks Eloise what happened the evening prior, when she stopped the plot to uncover Whistledown. The Lady Whistledown/Penelope element fits right into that overarching narrative modus operandi. "We've not had a caller in three days. Both those criterion describe Penelope, who knows more about Marina's condition than anyone. Lady Whistledown’s mysterious identity is one of the major plot lines of the series. So while Eloise throws Charlotte off course, Penelope is likely fleeing the ball to drop off the next day's paper at the printing press. She responds, "Lucky indeed. Not only does Penelope smirk when Lady Cowper tells Portia that Whistledown reports "nothing but the truth" in episode one, but the youngest Featherington seems … So Eloise Bridgerton (Claudia Jessie) and Queen Charlotte (Golda Rosheuvel) set off on a goosechase to unmask her, suspecting everyone from tradespeople to the town modiste. Ahead of her big reveal on the season finale, "Bridgerton" writers dropped subtle hints about Penelope's double life along the way. So Penelope may have wanted both Eloise and Charlotte to be distracted while she printed the next day's paper. Throughout season one of Netflix's period drama "Bridgerton," an anonymous writer publishes gossip-filled columns under the name Lady Whistledown. The youngest Featherington (played by Nicola Coughlan) is overlooked, underestimated, and perhaps the least likely candidate to be behind the society papers or so it may seem. While indulging in playful banter with Colin at Lady Trowbridge's ball, Penelope exposes her mischievous side. However the Julie Andrews voiceover is not simply there for narration. "I'm sure with Whistledown still on the loose, next season will be far more interesting," she says. Little do they know, Whistledown is the last person they expect: Penelope Featherington. She's cast as Eloise's sidekick, Colin Bridgerton's admirer, and Marina Thompson's ally. The series cuts to Eloise consoling a distraught Penelope as Lady Whistledown lets the bombshell rip: “The bond between man and bride is private, sacred,” she writes. Believing that George doesn't love her, Marina tells Penelope her plan to run away and marry Colin. It’s time for us to go from a Pikachu to a Raichu’, Please, let’s stop romanticising Chuck Bass, Ok so Daphne’s mum in real life is actually Sally from Corrie and my mind is blown, Who was Brian Nickels? She said: “There’d be certain things where the director would say, ‘We want to stand you here and do this.’ And I’d think, ‘I can’t, because in my column, I write that they meet at this point.’, “So, if you went back, you’ll spot me in a couple of scenes like Where’s Waldo.”. She usually never pressures her friend into attending events with the understanding that Eloise doesn't wish to enter society, especially when Penelope isn't attending the event herself. When the newcomer snags widespread attention at the season's opening ball at Danbury House, Portia's frustration only grows. The fact that she hides it from Eloise makes me feel absolutely terrible! Here are all the ridiculous ways we fooled you this April Fools’ Day.

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